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Pricing Guide & General Information
The cost of a cake is dependent on a few factors.  This includes the size, how it will be served (ie dessert slice or coffee/finger slice) and the complexity of the design.  In saying so, a small cake that has a lot of detail might cost the same, or in some cases even more, as having a bigger cake that's just simple and straight-forward in design.
When it comes to 2D, 3D and novelty cakes, the major factor is the amount of time it takes to create them.  These cakes are generally quite complex and therefore time consuming.  Hence, the higher pricing.  Serving sizes may differ depending on the shape of these cakes.
To give you an indication of cost.
2D shaped cakes start from $175.00
3D and Novelty cakes start at $200.00
Cupcakes Standard cupcakes start from $3.50 - Custom made toppers start from $4.00
Sugar Figurines start from $35
This is a guide only, please contact us for a quote via email or phone.
Serving information
For your refernce in regards to approximate amount of serves per cake size, we have prepared the following table below:
             Cake size                                   Serving Size
               Inches                       Coffee                     Dessert
                     6                             25                           10
                     7                             35                           14
                     8                             47                           19
                     9                             57                           23
                    10                            72                           29
                    11                            89                           36
                    12                           100                          40
                    13                           120                          48
                    14                           142                          57
Please choose from Chocolate mud, chocolate, vanilla and butter.
Pick-up is available by arrangement (located at Mortdale 2223).  Deliveries are also available for an additional charge if outside the St George area.
A 1-2 week notice is highly recommended for any cake, especially novelty cakes.  Christening cakes require a minimum of 4 weeks.
Payment is either by cash or bank transfer.  A 50% deposit is required for christening cakes a week after confirmation.  If a receipt is required for any cake, please advise.